“Dream reveals reality, reality that surpasses imagination.”

Franz Kafka

Global Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development Trainings

Whether an organization or an individual, every one of us desire to create and contribute within the direction of a goal.

Leadership Coaching

I believe my coaching model based on positive psychology is a strong precondition for creative thinking and solutions.

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Relationship Coaching

Relationship nestles conflict in its nature. Conflict is an opportunity for emergence of creative solutions and new ideas.

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Team Coaching

As the team members become aware of their present standpoint relating to their high dreams, they take initiative to implement their action plans with respect to improvement.

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Feedback Trainings

One of the most required competencies for the leaders and the teams in their journey to high dreams is providing/receiving feedback.

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Leadership Trainings

I do workshops in order to accompany them in their path to transition from traditional managers to leaders.

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Corporate Coaching Trainings

To establish a sustainable system, I render assistance in every stage- from designing the process, training of the internal coaches to measuring and evaluating the results.

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Corporate Mentoring Trainings

To establish a sustainable system, I render assistance in every stage- from designing the process, training of the mentor and the mentee candidates to measuring and evaluating the results.

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Mentoring and Supervision to Coaches

I render mentoring and supervision to coaches who want to apply to the ICF credentialing at ACC and PCC levels.

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Industry 4.0 Transformation Solutions

4th Industrial Revolution challenges hierarchy and leadership concepts as never before.

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Industry 4.0 Transformational Leadership Program

Unavoidable effects of Industry 4.0 undoubtedly brings organizations’ leaders a lot of difficulties besides opportunities and new possibilities.

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Industry 4.0 Collective Leadership Program

The increase of speed, complexity and intricacy with Industry 4.0, challenges individualistic leadership a lot and necessitates transition to collective leadership.

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Industry 4.0 Dialogues

Coach-like dialogues of two experts; one working on the humane and leadership and the other on technological dimension.

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“I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Aylin on different occasions for over three years and collaborated on several coaching projects for my team. Aylin is a fully dedicated coach and an excellent listener.”

Ozan Özsavaşçı,
East and Central Europe, Africa Deputy General Manager Herbalife

“I’ve met Aylin during the Adler professional coaching program I attended, where she was the program assistant. She is a great coach with her strong coaching presence, deep listening ability and attentive and engaging coaching style.”

Dr.Berna Özşar Kumcu,
Assistant Manager, Insurance Training Center

“The most important value of the coaching process is to maintain the continuity of this awareness. Knowing and doing are different things. Now, during this process I essentially learned this, facilitating this continuity.”

İdil Gülbalkan,
Customer Services Manager, BASF – The Chemical Company

“I am obliged to Aylin for her support in transforming my life to better. During our work, Aylin was focused, non-judgmental, determined and sometimes challenging to trigger off my potential.”

Tekant Gündoğan,
Customer Representative, Devoin SDS

“My coach’s being a very good listener and her excellence in revealing the guide within me to direct me to my goals, kept me more alive and willing for this process.”

Aslı Bakırlı,
Administration Manager, Inditex TR


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