Award Winning Leadership, Executive and ICF Mentor Coach

The most powerful motivation which facilitated my transformation has been my passion for learning in every phase of my life. And moreover, my passion for learning to learn. Innovative approaches have always excited me. My adventure of self-seeking which started at thirties evolved into a self-creation adventure. I rejoice in the happiness of transformation of my career focused work life into a life aimed at vocational passion. I still learn to increase my courage under my fears and concerns. My endeavor to express my real “self” honestly and sincerely still continues. As a coach, I wholeheartedly believe that it is my responsibility to offer you inspiration and contribute to your transformation. High Dreams lights the way for me to create the contribution and difference I aspire.

Corporate Background

My career started as a management trainee at the multinational HSBC Bank head office in İstanbul and then diversified into the real sector in a luxury goods company in New York where I enjoyed very much working in a very diverse culture with operations ranging from China, Italy, and Turkey to USA. When I came back to Istanbul, I started working as a CFO for a medical device company.

During my finance career, I headed corporate buyouts and system development projects. I gained experience in cash management, budgeting, financial reporting, controlling, cost management, and process improvement. I played key roles in establishing new divisions of finance departments and placed new financial systems in multinationals. I trained cross-functional teams to raise awareness on their contribution and responsibility to the financial performance of the company.

I constantly and eagerly worked for transforming myself, my team, and the organizations I worked for. In time, my vision broadened from establishing efficient and sustainable financial systems for excellence to contributing to create a corporate culture where every one realizes her/his potential and attains success.

I founded High Dreams Coaching & Mentoring Services in 2012 to render professional coaching and mentoring services after I personally experienced leadership and team coaching as an executive team member and witnessed the transformational power of coaching. I also collaborate with American Coach Source on their global executive coaching and leadership projects.

My mission is to enable transformation of leaders, their teams and their organizations so that they attain their vision while honoring their values and strengths. My areas of expertise are leadership coaching, relationship and team coaching, establishing intercompany corporate coaching and mentoring programs, providing effective feedback techniques. I also give mentoring and supervision to coaches.


  • Recognized and awarded by World Coaching Congress as one of the “100 Best Global Coaching Leaders” on February 2017 in Mumbai. This award is presented by Global Advisory Council of World Coaching Congress to change leaders who are belief and practice role models. It is an iconic job of the research cell to produce a shortlist of individuals who are doing extraordinary work and track the record of their achievements. The shortlist is then reviewed by a Jury comprising of senior professionals from across the globe. The criteria and competencies benchmarked are strategic perspective, former coaching record, future orientation, integrity and ethics, belief leadership,  demonstration of  broad vision, being focused and creativity.
  • Awarded by International Centre for Developmental Transactional Analysis in the UK for professionally applying the concepts of developmental transactional analysis into my coaching practice in 2016.

Vocational Education

I received my bachelor’s degree (BA) in 1998 from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Economics in English and master’s degree (MBA) in 2007 from New York City University, Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business.

Besides the corporate trainings I received during my career in finance,

  • I completed Adler’s 90 hours of International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach-training program that includes Foundations of Professional Coaching, Coaching in the Context of Business, and Moving Toward Artful Coaching and received my certificates from Adler International Learning Canada in 2012.
  • I completed the only ICF accredited  84 hours of ORSC Organizational Relationship & Team Coaching program and received certificates from CRR Global (Center for Right Relationships) in 2013.
  • I am a certified user of 5 Factors NEO PI- R Personality Inventory applied to measurement and evaluation in organizations since 2013.
  • I completed Adler International Learning Canada’s ICF accredited 8 months advanced level coaching program, Practicum, in 2014 and attained the title of Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC) afterwards.
  • I completed Transactional Analysis Foundations and Advanced level trainings of European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) in 2015.
  • I got International Systemic Team Coaching certificate from The Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) in 2016.
  • I got Systempathy: Coaching With the Brain in Mind© certificate from Adler Faculty of Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching Certificates and Memberships

I am a member of International Coaching Federation (ICF) and hold the title of PCC (Professional Certified Coach) given by ICF. In addition, I received the title of ACPC (Adler Certified Professional Coach) by succeeding in verbal and written evaluation after an eight month advanced coaching training of Adler International Learning Canada. With these titles,

  • I undertake to comply with ethic guidelines and standards determined by the ICF.
  • I certify that I have received a professional training from a program in compliance with ICF Core Competencies.
  • I display artful coaching competencies within the framework of the guidelines determined by the ICF.
  • I have completed the mandatory coaching experience for acquisition of these credentials and took coaching training, mentoring and supervision for required durations.

I am a member to ICF Turkey and EMCC Turkey (Europe Mentoring and Coaching Council) to promote the coaching vocation as a professional coach.

Community Contribution Coaching Projects

Since 2013, I am performing voluntary coaching in the “Hand in hand with the Youth” project of Coach Association Turkey (ICF Turkey) and Support of Contemporary Life Association Turkey. I support university students in their transformation to their high dreams.

As voluntary coach in OGAD, Autism Strong Family Association,  I give coaching support to family members who have autistic children

I do volunteer mentoring  in the Professional Women Network in Istanbul.

For more detailed information about my background please visit my LinkedIn profile.