The Testimonials of the Clients Who Transform Their Careers, Businesses and Lives Through Coaching

Doğaç Şenol

Group Manager, Tradesoft Business Services

Aylin is the smoothest and kindest mirror I have ever faced. She supported in a great way to see a different version of myself by merely reflecting me, then I was able to build a path to that very image. During our half a year of leadership coaching sessions, she has been of great support by invariably leveraging the best in me and making me aware that there always exists a better way. I always felt being cared while being challenged both intellectually and emotionally. I would definitely recommend Aylin as a leadership coach and a mentor.

Ozan Özsavaşçı

East and Central Europe, Africa Deputy General Manager, Herbalife

I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Aylin on different occasions for over three years and collaborated on several coaching projects for my team. Aylin is a fully dedicated coach and an excellent listener. She identifies people’s needs and challenges them in a constructive way. She provides excellent assessments so the learner can gain self-awareness and develop the capacity to think about things they want to improve. I would definitely recommend Aylin as a Leadership & Team Coach to all professionals who are serious about self-development and to organizations that are looking to increase the skillset within the company. I know I can always count on Aylin’s feedback and support for my team when needed.

Dr.Berna Özşar Kumcu

Assistant Manager, Insurance Training Center

I’ve met Aylin during the Adler professional coaching program I attended, where she was the program assistant. She is a great coach with her strong coaching presence, deep listening ability and attentive and engaging coaching style. Aylin’s coaching offers the coachee a new perspective and inspires creative options. It’s a great pleasure to work with her.

İdil Gülbalkan

Customer Services Manager, BASF – The Chemical Company

At first I had doubts about coaching. But this process, which began with doubts, made me live the most joyous and beneficial period of my life. I began to wait for the coaching sessions, which at first due to my intensive tempo I had pondered on how to allocate time, with increasing zeal. These sessions strengthened my awareness for observation and providing developmental feedback and increased productivity of my work in terms of personnel management. Of course, the essential thing was to keep this awareness alive. The most important value of the coaching process is to maintain the continuity of this awareness. Knowing and doing are different things. Now, during this process I essentially learned this, facilitating this continuity. I thank Aylin very much for being by me during this process.

Tekant Gündoğan

Customer Representative, Devoin SDS

I am obliged to Aylin for her support in transforming my life to better. During our work, Aylin was focused, non-judgmental, determined and sometimes challenging to trigger off my potential. I still observe the positive impacts of her coaching.

Aslı Bakırlı

Administration Manager, Inditex TR

I can say that my coaching process which took about 5 months, was my self-discovery process. I had the opportunity to view myself by working on some of my habits, behavior, thoughts and feelings which I thought I was aware of, but had not exerted any effort to overcome. As a concrete step, I learned to prepare action plans for myself both in my work and private life and implement them without losing much time. Seeing that I can do this increased my life energy, my self- confidence. Therefore, I have recommended everyone in my environment this process and will continue to recommend it. My coach’s being a very good listener and her excellence in revealing the guide within me to direct me to my goals, kept me more alive and willing for this process. Thank you very much.

Derya Tümen

HR Expert, ERBA

First of all, I would like to state that I did not know accurately what coaching meant. I wasn’t sure whether I would benefit from it. The coaching sessions I began with negative thoughts and questions in my mind, facilitated me to gain a different and a strong perspective against life. Coaching has helped me identify my goals. It has played an effective role in my future- oriented planning of the journey between my present standpoint and the point I want to reach. It has facilitated me to be clear about my values and conduct my behavior according to my values. I thank Aylin Bozkurt for her support in facilitating my taking big steps, my self-confidence in whatever I want to do.

Serhat T. Yazıcı


Mankind is a living being whose solutions to problems are within her/himself. Coaching facilitates you to discover this. Even if you think for hours, days and even for years, the solutions that come into your mind never come out, and of course never come to life, if you cannot not utter your thoughts and let them through your ears. Aylin Bozkurt did her job really very well by asking right questions and having my solutions generate from my mouth. First I discovered the shell surrounding me, and then I began to manage it. Thank you.