High Dreams Hakkında

Personal and Organizational Transformation Through Global Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development Trainings

Kafka, in one of his discourses in “The Metamorphosis” says, “Dream reveals reality, reality that surpasses imagination”. This sentence expresses the meaning I attribute to high dreams so well…. High Dreams is the transformation that emerges when we introduce new possibilities to the subjective reality. Transformation shows itself when we are enthusiastic to look deeper with a strong sense of curiosity and exploration. As we begin to break away from present day’s conditions, beliefs and presumptions,  we create our future which is beyond sight. In the midst of all this uncertainty, our high dreams appear as our vision.

While we move towards our vision as an organization or individual, the only factor limiting the possibilities is the boundaries of our imagination and courage. Every one of us has the freedom and the responsibility to choose. If we hold ourselves responsible to trigger the potentials in people and processes, that is if we choose to be a leader, we have the responsibility to learn and display ourselves completely. Transformational leaders and organizations follow their high dreams with courage and gain, and offer, inspiration as they call themselves into being. They see the potential talent, creativity and most important, passion. Claiming our high dreams is claiming our potential.

Whether an organization or an individual, every one of us desire to create and contribute within the direction of a goal. High Dreams exists to support you in realizing your talents, creativity and passion with sincerity and wholeness. You will learn and prosper during the process while High Dreams carries you delightfully beyond boundaries of learned mindsets.